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Siddiqui  Jewelers
Making memories sparkle for five generations.
"Steeped in tradition, we've been jewelers for five generations.
We look forward to serving you in Broadview Heights, Ohio"
- Shahruq Siddiqui


What is a diamond?

Diamonds have fascinated humanity since the earliest times.

Diamond is a form of carbon that crystallizes in the crystal system of highest symmetry known as the cubic system. Diamond has a very high degree of transparencies, refractivity, and fire, which gives rise in cut stones to a high degree of brilliancy and display of prismatic colors.

Colored stones qualities are based on hue, tone, and saturation or intensity.

Diamond is the only gemstones in which the absence of body color will usually make the stones more valuable.

Every diamond is unique. It should be purchased in person because there is more than just carat weight, shape, color, and clarity. When buying a diamond, you need to be able to touch and feel it to know if it is the right diamond for you.

We pick the diamonds based on several things, such as:

  • Refraction

  • Dispersion or fire

  • Transparency

  • Luster

  • Brilliancy

  • Scintillation or sparkle

There is so much more involved in selecting the right diamond, but you do not have to worry about that. Let us work for you. Give us your criteria and budget, and we guarantee that we can find the perfect diamond or color stone for you.